Where The Story Begins II : The First Birth Story

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So I studied Midwifery.  I worked as a midwife.  I travelled and worked in both the city and the rural setting.  I met some wonderful people; I met some people who were not so kind.  And that’s ok – that is life.  Those that try to break you are just as important as those that love and nurture you – they can never truly break you if you refuse to give them permission, this I came to realise with 20/20 hindsight.  And all of them help determine the path you end up taking, and round out the person that you become, moment by moment.  That, I have come to learn too; we’re all a constant work in progress.  It was after travels away, that I returned home – trying to determine what my next venture was going to be, and where my work as a midwife would lead me.  Then my brother was involved in a horrific hit and run. To say that it was devastating was an understatement.  After a very long period of time spent in ICU, Trauma Ward, and Rehabilitation, and with a lot of hard work, my brother came back to us.  I came to realise during this period of time how short, how precious, and how fleeting this life is…and I decided I had to make changes.  I couldn’t live the rest of my days wondering ‘what if?’  I thought long and hard on that saying, that in the end we only ever regret the chances that we didn’t take.  I loved Midwifery, but I also wanted more.  I wanted to be creative.  I had always loved photography (doesn’t every photographer say that??!!), and at almost every birth I’d attended I wished that I could capture that spirit that lifted the room when a little life entered the world.  I spent hours trawling the internet, seeking out images that spoke to me – not even necessarily to do with births.  Images that made me feel something.  And I thought, ‘that! that is what I want to do!’.  Throughout all my trawling I happened upon some wonderful photographers, and was lead to a workshop that was coming to Perth – for photographers, but I decided that I HAD to go.  It was more than just about photography – it was about emotion, and connection, and the very things that make us human.  I was so very lucky that I was welcomed with amazingly open and caring arms by other attending photographers.  And there my dream slowly took shape, and grew wings.  Those wings have taken a while to gather speed, but they’re getting there.

Which leads me to a time three years ago.  Where I met a beautiful family of two, that became three.  And how that family of two trusted me with one of the most special times in their life.  This story is very special to me.  It isn’t mine.  But it is shared freely, thanks to the wonderful woman who you see in these images.  I’m happy to say that I also photographed her second baby too, whose story I will share next.  But first, the story of this little lady.  And her family, who allowed me to take part in such a momentous time, when I myself, was still learning where I was going, and what I wanted all of this to be about, and where it would lead.  The word thank you, doesn’t seem enough, not at all.  But I thank you, you lovely little family, for trusting me.  With my whole heart, I thank you, because you’ve given me gifts I could never repay.  Thank you.


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