That Which You Are & That Which You Are Not



Everything and all

that you are

sits folded

in the pit

of your


It is the clenched


the open


the fiery


the scarred


You are all that you are,

and that

which you are


You are



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Cherish [Perth Newborn Family Lifestyle Session]

“I am little pieces

of everyone

I have met

but I cherish most

the parts

that were yours.”

Beau Taplin

I adore families.  I especially adore brand new families.  I most of all adore this family.  Newborn family lifestyle sessions are some of my favourite to capture.  There is nothing sweeter than following a beautiful brand new family around, documenting all these precious moments that too soon pass.  Nappy changes, burping, sleepy newborn cuddles, milk drunk smiles, and the love of a brand new family.  Every touch, every cuddle, every inhale of that sweet newborn goodness!!  Quite honestly, there is nothing more divine in life.  And before you know it, these brand new babes are crawling.  Then they’re walking.  Then they’re talking.  To capture these fleeting moments of newborn divineness is so precious.  This little session was made into a beautiful book, which for years to come, will provide joy and delight.  I hope you enjoy this session….it’s one my favourites!  And keep an eye out for the four legged baby – he’s a wonderful big brother.


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My Heart Will Never Tire

“I am filled

with you and

I am trying

every aching day

to fathom the beauty

of our symmetry,

and understand how,

two bodies can live

so well, inside


~ Christoper Poindexter ~


My heart will never tire of capturing the beauty that is motherhood.  Whether waiting patiently, slowly growing ripe with life; or wrestling arms around necks, bathed in wet kisses.  Such a wondrous gift – motherhood and mothers.  No….I will never tire of it…

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This Is Where The Story Begins III : A Birth Story : Take Two

So it has been a while since my original post of “Where The Story Begins”  and this is my third and final instalment of that series.  (You can read the first here, and the second here).  It shows the beauty of another little life entering the world.  And the moment where a family of three, becomes four.  And a young girl becomes a sister.  Those previous stories, lead to this finite moment.   It showed me the places within me I hope to reach.  The dreams I’ve yet to accomplish.  It looks a lot like this place…

People often ask me, what would possess me to think that women would ever want to capture images of their birth, and why do I want to do such a thing? Well the answer is quite simple really, why would I not??  There’s a beautiful quote by Laura Stavoe, that reads;  There’s a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.”  After witnessing countless women give birth in a number of ways, I can say this to be true.  Whether a home birth, a hospital birth, a “natural” birth, a caesarean; women have strengths within them, that until that moment, they have often rarely noticed.  Why would you not want to show women the depth of the reserves they carry??  And that moment – that first glorious moment where little lungs fill with oxygen, and babes pink up, as though the love dancing in the room colours them in – why  would you not want that written down to see for eternity?  I also strongly believe that the more women see how “normal” birth is in the context of life, the less they will fear it.  The less fear centred on the process of birth, the more easily birth will happen.  The more peaceful and calm a birth, well who can really say how far reaching those effects may be felt.  So yes, for this, and myriad of other reasons, deduced from my career spent as a midwife, I think it is important to capture the truth of birth.  It’s a beautiful, emotional, and quite personal tale for a family – but it is also a universal truth that just may help shift the fear that surrounds the birth process.  If there is one thing I have learned in my time as a midwife, no birth – no matter the mode of journey taken for a little life to enter the world – is easy.  Birth is hard.  It stretches women to the peaks and edges of themselves.  But time and time again, women are able to navigate the widths and depths of their courage, their love, their compassion, their tenacity, and their womanhood.  What a beautiful thing to witness.  What a wonderful thing to share.


M&B, thank you for sharing your story with me, once again.  A story of love, life, and strength.




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